Your World, Your Choice

Do we regularly try to evaluate ourselves? Our Peace, Joy, Love, Reason, Acceptance, Willingness, Neutrality, Courage, Pride, Anger, Desire, Fear, Grief, Apathy, Guilt, and Shame? Or noticed we have a different combination of these elements at a different phase of our life? And noticed our value is embedded in the world we choose to be?

Are we normally Energetic, Excited, Enthusiastic, Focused, Diverse, Positive Challenging, Internal and External United, Self-driven Improving, and Improving others at the same time?

Are we positively shaping our capability in staying Quiet, Calm, Relaxed, Refreshed, Harmonious, Present, and Fully Rested?

Are we capable of handling our Anger, Doubt, Disappointment, Worry, Impatience, Stress, Negativity, Problems, and Relationship challenges?

Are we trapped or freed from Resentment, Regret, Guilt, Jealousy, Low Self-esteem, Despair, Frustration, Shame, Embarrassment, and Blame?

Despite all our purposes, ambitions, interests, benefits,…, we are the average of the 5 people we surrounded ourselves with.

Take a measure and shape it.

May we apply this to reflect and develop our business?


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