“Tao Te Ching”《道德经》, my book of life!

The important thing about the book of life is that not only is it important, but you can always bump into something new within your every life course.

What is Tao”道”? Write this word in Chinese, first write “首”, which means the head, thought, or mind. Then write “之“, which stands for walk, behavior, or action. In total, the word Tao”道” is the symbol of the unity of knowledge and action/practice.

The second word De”德“ has the meaning of wisdom and morality.

“Tao Te Ching” is divided into “Tao chapter” and “Te chapter”. It is a general understanding that the “Tao chapter” is mainly a description of the law of the universe; And when it comes to morality, the “Te chapter”, is about how to guide our behavior when we know the rules of the universe.



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