Breathe to the Abdomen

“Breathe to the umbilicus, live to the #longevity.”

According to Li Shizhen, a famous Chinese medical scientist in the Ming dynasty, the perineum point is the main point on the body’s meridians, and it is also the main point for human longevity.

People absorb energy from the universe to live, either through diet or through breath. Without diet for days, human life can survive; but without breath, we could not live long.

Watch around, look for people with deep and slow breaths, you will discover they have strong legs, upright back, radiant and positive with smiles on their face; and above all, very naturally healthy.

Deep and slow breath down to the umbilicus, is the breath of newborns and infants, is the breath when humans are in deep sleep, is the breath for powerful human self-healing to take place.

Constantly practicing deep and slow breaths to the umbilicus (refer to my post: Yoga Meditation Breath), is good maintenance of the source of human life within our body, the reproductive system. Its qualities are innocence and wisdom, pure and calm like a newborn child.

#Innocence and #wisdom are also the most fundamental ability of a person to distinguish right from wrong.

Stay positive with each of your breaths. Enjoy your health. (202002262225)

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