I Love Data!

Recently, I was asked for times: what do you do?

Instead of directly answer the question, I chose to explain what I did:

I worked in areas including IT, technology, factory, manufacture, sales&marketing, supply chain, customer service, management, international education, youth mentoring, global nursing service project planning …, I also teach yoga. 🤗💪

Among all my expertise, with endless enthusiasm in pursuing innovation and creativity, I love DATA.

Data is one of my most powerful weapons. My time spent playing in the endless powerful database, processing data to tell stories, shaping data to promote business paid me back with great achievements.

Once I tell a CIO, “Database is the nervous system of a business”.

Data-driven Decision Making is what I think is a solid foundation of success for businesses when they are transforming within the new digital age.

The world is in the flow of becoming digitalized. Data are everywhere, even when we don’t like it when we think it carries too much of our privacy and refuses to use it, the fact is, they are being used. If not by us, then by somebody else.

Using data wisely would absolutely increase our awareness, productivity, efficiency, and creativity.

Stay positive in using data. ☕🌹


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