Are you Climbing the Correct Mountain?

People are climbing mountains. It is natural that people are climbing, right or wrong, one by one, spending decades reaching high, conquering themselves, viewing the sceneries all the way along, gazing out the landscape underneath…

But I enjoy being water, I have to flow lower and lower, from among the mountains, forests, lawns, ponds, streams, creeks, falls, cities, rivers, into the sea.

I flow into the sea where I disappear and last forever. I love and receive energy from the sun. It touches me and warms me. It raises me up into the sky. It gives me rebirth. It gives me the wing to fly.

I moisten the air, soils, and grounds; I water grasses, trees, and forests; I wash stones, cliffs, hills, mountains, and hearts; I nurture creatures, lives, and generations. I flow into them without their notice. I became part of them and I benefit them.

Eyes prefer to look upward, they do not see me, they can only listen to me, listen to me by closing their eyes.

When I tender a new life, when I create, when a seed grows, it has to be quiet. This is the power of silence. This is my world of joy and peace.

I will flow. How’s your life without me?

Good Morning, my friends!🍵💧💧💧

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