Sichuan Opera Face-Changing Art

Last summer, when I was back in Chongqing China, a very good friend’s family invited my family to have dinner at a hot pot restaurant where they provide Sichuan Opera Face-Changing Art show. My girls were so excited about this wonderful show. And we took this picture.

Sichuan Opera brings “face-changing” art to the stage. It is a romantic way to reveal the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters in the script. According to legend, “face-changing” is an ancient human face in the face of fierce beasts. In order to survive, they sketched their faces in different ways to scare the invading beasts.

Funny thing is, months later, I personally live-experienced real “face-changing” in my lovely organization where a fierce force of abusing gossiping toxic energy seized the control of this organization, showing their people “face changing” tricks – treating their vulnerable people as “beasts”.

We are worried about this lovely organization. We have to do something, something positive, with people sharing the same thoughts and visions.

Can we count on you? Show your smile, please.

Good morning, my dear friends.🍵☕🌞🌷❤️


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