Open Your High-Dimensional Wisdom and Gain Inner Joy

Mr. Liu Feng: Advocator for the integration of multicultural systems. In 30+ years of broad-based scientific research and application, Mr. Liu penetrated all practice groups that have a chance to enter, and in accordance with the basic concept of seeking common ground while respecting differences, interacts harmoniously with today’s diverse world.

Once, an MIT Ph.D. who studied Buddhism asked him: “Mr. Liu, I study Buddhism. I believe that higher dimensions lead to three dimensions. But I practice three dimensions every day, how can I use higher dimensions to lead three dimensions?”

Mr. Liu: “You want to know the result of the three-dimensional practice? First, ask yourself what is the result of this experiment; then meditate, ask yourself inside the results you search for from this experiment. The information that first appears in your mind is the answer and the result.”

“Then use all of your knowledge, methods, and data to prove that you’re right – that’s called high-dimensional practice leadership. This is how all human inventions come about: first inspired, and later proved. Only in this way can we truly unlock high-dimensional wisdom, which is certainly how the future will come about.”


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