Do you Dream?

In every moment of life, there is a higher dimension of guidance – soul consciousness. It is the voice of intuition, inspiration, serendipity, or God. Everyone experiences the richest inner way of teaching: Dream.

Dream contains encoded information from the deeper consciousness, the spirit guide, the soul guide. Most people don’t “meditate alone”, they don’t know when/where/how to start, or think it belongs to the domain of “qualified experts”. But how could someone else understand your dreams better than you do?

The dream is short, but “real”. More than being a part of our everyday existence, it’s part of our soul. When we let our guard down, we allow our soul to run free beyond the prejudices, perceptions, predetermined frameworks of thoughts that limit us in the daytime, and allows the mind to expand beyond reality, we dream.

The dream is a product of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is busy and loyal all the time and does everything to protect you.

Dream contains a lot of wisdom resources. These wisdom resources are from you, belong to you, in your inner world to help you, love you, and accompany you.

Please believe: the subconscious always knows more than the brain!

Stay positive. Bring dreams to reality!

Have a sweet dream, my friends!🌙✨

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