While enjoying an energy feast yesterday, my mind slipped away when fetched with the words ADAPT and PUSH. It wildly flashed away onto how the 4th industrial revolution is approaching while this fast-paced digital age sweeping over the globe.

My intuition raised a question to my inner: what has been the core in driving all the industry revolutions? My subconscious mind quickly scanned through my brain and answer: money!

Am I right? Instead of the revolutionary upgrade of #energy carrier from coal to oil to electric to the Internet, pursuing the maximum benefits through #investments has been the root force throughout centuries, as a well-known business secret.

With the lead time for each new revolution’s taking place getting shorter, inversely, the energy level of each energy carrier has been exponentially amplificated.

Internet carries enormous energy, also brings enormous impact on businesses. Businesses who proactively embrace digital transformation obviously are standing at the crest of the tide in this new ecosystem.

How about MONEY? How is it ADAPTing to the 4th revolution as the root force? How should we PUSH it?

We must be creative and lean into the future.

Good morning, my dear friends! 🌈☕❤️20200311

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