Three Realms of Practice

In the impetuous world, the three realms of #practice are the principles of life:

#Endurance: is a kind of vision, mind, understanding, life skills, or wisdom of rules. It sometimes appears to be a sign of cowardice but in fact the strongest “coat”. Knowing how to endure is in order not to endure.

#Perseverance: get and continuously hold on, never give up. It is like the life-bouncing capability of grass and trees. Human has only two hands, to get new, first, let go. Empty the cup so as to fill in new. The holding purpose is the realm of choice.

#Enlightenment: the inner practice of constantly improving the mind; also a kind of introspection and self-discipline.

– Wearing a mask too long, it will grow on your face. When peeling it off, you will have to break the bones and skin.
– When pointing one finger at others, don’t forget that three fingers are pointing back right at yourself.
– Pausing down is to collect energy for a long journey.
– Only by giving can you be given; Only by leave-to-go can you get; Only by forget can you gain peace; Only by tolerance can you gain freedom.

#COVID19 cannot beat you. You are the master of yourself.

Be your authentic self. Stay positive, and Show #kindness.🌞❤️☕

#ldnon#upliftusall 20200316

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