All Choices Are Thoughts of Love or Fear

Fear is an energy that converges, shuts down, ends, runs away, hides, stores, imitates.
Love is an energy that expands, opens, gives birth, stays, exposes, shares, and heals.

Fear traps. Love uplifts.
Fear robs. Love gives.
Fear seizes. Love releases.
Fear hurts. Love heals.
Fear attacks. Love improves.

Every thought, word, or action is based on Fear or Love. We do not have a 3rd choice.

It sounds easy to say, but fear often prevails when deciding. Why? We are educated to live in fear.

We were told: the fittest survives, the strongest wins, the smartest succeeds, but rarely heard about the glory of the cutest. So, we do everything to be the most adaptable, strongest, or smartest; or we feel losing – less means failure.

But, when we choose love-oriented actions, it is not only of survival, victory, or success, but the full glory of “who am I and whom can I be”.

We have many teachers around to show, guide, and remind us of the truth, but the greatest reminder is the voice within us. It’s the easiest, loudest, and closest sound we can hear. It tells us true or false, right or wrong, good or bad, by our standards. It’s the radar that sets our course, steers the ship, and guides the path.

Listen to the inner voice, show our love!❤️🌞

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