Temperature of Human Heart🤍💙❤️

Water has three states: frozen, normal temperature, and boiling. The state of the water is determined by its temperature.

Human life has the same three states: freezing, normal temperature, and boiling. The state of human life is determined by the temperature of the human heart.

If the temperature of your heart is below 0 degrees, your state of life will be like walking on thin ice; and your entire world and life will be as large as the area where your feet stand.

If your heart temperature is normal and you live with your ordinary heart, you could live like flowing water. You can flow into rivers and seas, but you are still inseparable from the earth’s surface.

If your heart is at a boiling temperature, your life is also hot. You can not only become water, but also become water vapor, change into clouds, and fly above the sky. You own not only the earth but also the sky, and your world is as big as the universe.

Check your heart temperature; Listen to yourself. Show your love and kindness.

Good morning, my friends.❄️💧🌞❤️🌈☕

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