Beauty Comes from Kindness

A person’s character, morality, and spiritual temperament are often reflected in appearance.

A human’s face before middle age is decided by parents, but a human is responsible for his/her appearance after middle age.

A person who looks particularly young and beautiful must be of pure character and kindness; be very approachable, kind, warm, and as naive and pure as a baby. This is the projection of long-term cultivation of mind and behavior on the face. The appearance also indicates future destiny. Compassionate and love-oriented people often emit light from the inside out.

Selfish, cunning, and calculating people give impressions of cold, indifferent, and suspicious. Even if they are lucky enough to have good looks from their parents, time will reveal their unattractiveness and offensiveness.

Human appearance can be gradually changed through accumulative goodness and noble moral qualities.

Knowledge, wisdom, and self-cultivation gathered from the good books you read, the journeys you traveled, the failures you overcome, wash off the vicissitudes on the face, remove the wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, and brighten the eyes.

Let’s be kind and show our love, stay younger.

Good morning, my friends!📖👀👂🏻❤️☕


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