Balance Between Kindness and Wealth⚖️

The universe has a law: everything in life is affected by energy that is always intending to be auto-balanced.

It also creates business as a platform for accumulating blessings; careers as a platform for uplifting people; wealth as a tool for benefiting others.

What if one’s moral quality – kindness is much higher than wealth? He/she cannot refuse to receive more fortune, blessings, happiness, and wealth from heaven.

What if one owns much more wealth than kindness? He/she cannot stop losing or disasters to happen. This is what our ancients called “moral quality does not match”.

When this happens, listening to the inner voice can help to reflect if you get more from the outside than from the inside, and how to fill up the gap.

“We must do good rather than evil, on however humble a scale.” A person’s evils are a long-term accumulation of small bad. And kindness is the most powerful long-last softest feeling in human nature. No matter when/where/how, we should forever insist on being kind, and uphold the noble #personality.

Because: #intelligence is a gift: #kindness is a choice.

It is also one of the parent’s most important duties to inspire young children on how to balance their moral quality and soft/hard skills. ❤️☕


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