Find the Root of Health🌸

Everything in the universe is moving. Static is a slow movement, a prolonged state of life function, a rare thing that carries infinite power.

– Fruit, grain, flowers, plants grow statically;
– Deep sleep heals the human body;
– Rests refill the human brain;
– Where does Earth’s energy come from? From the long-term static accumulation of sunlight and the chemical/physical effects inside the earth.

Lao Tzu said: Root is the source of life; root represents stillness. When a human calms down like a young baby, the brain is clear, he/she can feel more #happiness.

– A person with a weak liver has a big temper, is irritable, and hard to be quiet; A person with a soft gentle personality is calm with healthy liver function.

– Bloody sticky people are suspicious, lack judgment, carry an uneasy mood; but a steady calm person is decisive with smooth blood circulation.

Getting puzzled in handling complex and difficult matters, most of the time is due to loud noise inside and resulting in self-annoyed.

But in a static state, the mind and body are completely calm with a reflection on the inner self, you may suddenly become cheerful.

In absolute health can you be quiet and calm; being quiet and calm, can you gain #health.

Good morning! 🧠❤💧🌸☕


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