Childhood Mental Health

Psychology believes: positive emotions are the driving force of human cognition and practice. People full of positive emotions from an early age are confident and happy. Conversely, people who lack positive emotions are hollow inside, pessimistic and unconfident.

Face new things: “What if I can’t do it well” – discourage before start;
Meet someone he/she like: “I’m not good enough… I’m afraid to go near…” – regret missed it;
Afraid to be rejected;
Habitually pleasing others…

“People’s physical childhood will eventually disappear, but the spiritual childhood will always be with the life,” said Lin Haiyin, a well-known Taiwan essayist.

Being excluded, criticized, emotionally neglected, abandoned, and severely educated as a child does not fade away or heal over time, but appear as pains that affect life now. It is a “black hole” hidden in heart, constantly sucks your positive energy, gradually changes you into negative, pessimistic and unable to move forward.

How can we get it back to be confident, and get rid of inferiority?

Reflecting mind prosperity, tracing its root, replenishing our inner with energy from love and #kindness, we can gain self-#awareness; achieve our self-satisfaction, happy, peace and joy.

Be a wise parent!👄🧠❤️

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