Human Body Temperature

For every 1˚C increase in body temperature, immunity increases 5-6 times, basal metabolism increases by 13%. For every 1˚C decrease, immunity drops by 30%+.

On Jan-7, Julie Parsonnet, a professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, and her team released a study: The average body temperature of adults declined from 37˚C to 36.6˚C in the last 170 years. It means human immunity is reduced, and the incidence of viral, bacterial infections and cancer increases.

The human blood delivers nutrients & oxygen to cells, takes away carbon dioxide… White blood cells have an immune function.

When body temperature is high, blood flow is fast, white blood cells can detect abnormalities more quickly, strangling pathogens in the cradle. On the other hand, white blood cells work slower, the immune system responds slower, viruses/bacteria/cancerous cells get more chances.

How to raise human basal body temperature?

1. Exercise: Increase muscle content, reduce fat content, improve visceral function.
2. Reduce the use of air-conditioning, increase outdoor activities: stimulate and maintain the sensitivity of temperature regulation center in body temperature control
3. Reduce stress: Show #love and #kindness, find #peace and #happiness.

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