Consciousness Creates

Consciousness is like a vast ocean. Viewpoints are undulating waves on the ocean. When we decide to change, change begins. Consciousness makes the change.

A glass of water can be considered half full or half empty!

Everything is like this and every point of view is interesting. It tells a story about us, awakens the power of our creation. These ideas are like the software conscious computers use to create reality. The design of the software coding process affects the outcome of this reality: right or wrong, big or small, good or evil…

If we think: I’m in a financial crisis, my finances can’t be good.
The conscious universe responds: that’s it! We will experience scarcity or poverty.

If we have a negative view of bad timing, a danger, or some insecurity, we’ll be nervous and unhappy… This viewpoint will root in our mind; result in our painful experience of a lot of problems…

No matter how severe the external environment might be, if our perspective is positive and confident, the universe will unlock its treasures to us when the time comes.

Great leaders have great perspectives and thus create great reality.

At crisis time, we need great perspectives in guiding our choices: love over fear.

Good morning!🌸💧☕


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