Liver: “Traffic Police” of Human Body

Yellow Emperor’s Canon: The liver stores blood, regulates Qi flow and mental emotions. Like the “traffic police” of the human body, it has the greatest influence on emotions.

There was an old story: Zhou Yu’s Qi was blocked because of Zhuge Liang and vomited blood to die. This Qi is “Liver Qi” as described by Chinese medicine.

When a person encounters accumulated pressures from accidents and contradictions, he/she hardly feels happy, as is called liver Qi stagnation.

As a result: men become increasingly addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, dumb or irritable; women have irregular menstruation, insomnia, constipation, spots on faces, easy get angry and fat, and lose hair!

Liver Qi stagnation damages spleen. If the damage is not resolved in a timely manner, it produces garbage: phlegm and turbidity. Along the meridian, the garbage flows:

through the thyroid, becomes a thyroid nodule
In the uterus – a uterus Fibroids
In the breast – breast hyperplasia
In the stomach – a gastric tumor
In the liver – a liver tumor.

Modem medicine statistics tell, 80% of the diseases are related to bad psychological status – the Liver Qi stagnation.

To stay healthy, let’s remain calm and stay #positive, do proper #exercises. Every day counts!❤️🌹☕

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