A “Fool” Mindset

Two kinds of tea leaves putting together, they do not despise each other, but human heart divides them by giving different prices.

Birds and beasts see no difference between diamonds and pebbles, but human needs & judgments give them different values.

Life can be painful when we compare this to that, want more after more…

You might say “Stop! As a business leader, my valuable job is to prioritize, weigh the pros & cons, make the right decision!”

That’s right. But: the bigger the decisions you make, the more hesitation and indecision you may have.

The so-called “fool mindset” is to jump out of own experience, put down the role of opinionated experts, not get swayed by considerations of gain & loss, but act as a layman, or from a consumer’s perspective, grasp the root cause; then, switch back to be the expert & #entrepreneur, use #expertise to solve the essential problem.

It is a super stable #mentality, not affected by external environment, nor disturbed by internal emotions.

Chapter 56 “Dao De Jing” says: This #wisdom is not inherited but can be developed: instead of increase own information reception and output #power, turn off your senses, shield your desires, “no listen/see/say; no necessary/want/need”, but return to the inside completely.❤️


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