Forgiveness “Throws Away” Your Pain

“To forgive others is to save yourself.” A recent scientific study found that this is not just some fancy comfort, but a real health secret.

Scientists say that forgiving others will make it easier to forget the painful experience, release from bad motions, and restore the balance of body and mind.

A scientific study published in the journal “Psychological Science” found that people who choose to forgive are more likely to forget the details of previous injuries. This is because the act of forgiveness creates a mechanism for forgetting painful memories.

Dr. Saima Noreen, the author of the paper, said: “The relationship between forgiveness and forgetting goes both ways, and it will become more complicated as time goes on.” Forgiveness can improve the body’s cardiovascular function, reducing chronic pain, relieving stress and improving quality of life. It is good medicine for maintaining health.

Life practice also proves that a person who is not calm when confronted with problems, who cannot forgive others will often make small things become big things, and intensifies conflicts, resulting in endless troubles for himself.

Stay calm, show love. Good morning, my friends!🌈🎼🌹



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