Nourish Our Inner Strength

People’s attention is limited. When you focus on something, you ignore other things around you.

The energy nourished by attention is enormous. When its focus is on pain, the pain is nourished; when its focus is on a problem, the problem is nourished.

If people want to feel real happiness, they must concentrate all their attention on one thing: talking intently, tasting food carefully, watching movies attentively…

When parents want their children to get rid of a bad habit, focusing on the child’s problem will only strengthen the problem. Even if the problem seems resolved, new problems might be produced.

On the contrary, if the parents focus attention on the child’s merits, understand it takes time and space to develop, scientifically they will inspire the child to formulate a learning plan and patiently accompany the child’s growing up.

In our daily life, when we feel upset, close eyes and calm down, ignore the noisy thoughts in our head and focus on our breathing and inner feelings –

Gradually, we shift our attention, remove distractions and negative energies, and ignite more wisdom.

When we start to nourish our inner positive strength, we get more peace and joy.

Good morning, my friends!🍃🌺🌸🌈


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