What a Kind Heart❤️ Can Do

The pains and happiness of life depend on one’s own heart.

With a beautiful heart, appreciate the things around you;
With a sincere heart, treat everyone around you;
With a responsible heart, do well in jobs around you;
With a humble heart, review mistakes disadvantaging you;
With a constant heart, adhere to the correct concept nourishing you;
With a forgiving heart, forgive those who did bad to you;
With a grateful heart, thanks for things belong to you;
With a normal heart, accept the facts that happened to you;
With a heart knowing letting go, face the most difficult turning over for fulfillment.

With an ordinary heart doing things for the convenience of others, the world is at peace.
With a compassionate heart doing compassionate things, your heart is at peace.

When doing something bad and fear people to know, it is a great evil.
When doing good deeds and want people to know, it’s not real kindness.

For those who do good deeds, although the blessings have not yet come, the disasters have gone away;
For those who do evil, although the disasters have not yet come, the blessings are far away.

Ancient wisdom, daily reading and sharing.

Good morning, my friends.🌷💧🌈☕



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