Time, Space and Speed

Living in a three-dimensional space, we have a deep understanding of two-dimensional plane.

Assuming there is life called X on a two-dimensional plane paper, when we put a finger on a two-dimensional flat paper, in X’s eye, a dot or a ring appears.

Taking this finger away, in X’s eyes, the ring disappears instantly. Then placing the finger on the other side of the two-dimensional paper, the ring appears instantly. “Wow, this is teleportation. It is stealth”, to X, it is a miracle.

“A Brief History of Time”, by Stephen Hawking, once mentioned an experiment: at a distance of 100 light years, how long does it take to fly at the speed of light?

Einstein’s theory of “Relativity” has a point: the speed of light is the limit speed of the three-dimensional world. The Scale Reduction and Clock Slowness effects show that as long as anything reaches the speed of light, it slows down time to a speed of 0. And, if a person reaches the speed of light, time does not exist any longer, similar to entering an eternal state.

In this case, the space voyage of 100 light-years, for this person, the distance is instantaneous. There is no difference between 1 light-year and 100,000 light-years.

Where does high dimensional energy come from?💡🌹


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