Length, Height, Width, and Density of Life🌈

Mr. Liang Dong believes: some people are naturally attractive or have cultivated this ability through life. Some people, you just can not get attached to.

People’s attraction comes from the reservation of energy. The energy of an object is affected by length, width, height, and density. So is life.

Life has 4 dimensions:

#Length: Refers to how long you live. If a 150-year-old still keeps a clear mind, he doesn’t need to showcase a profound understanding of life to attract people all over the world. What about a 200-years-old?

#Height: the dimensions of problems you can see. If you stand tall and look far spiritually, the height of your life will naturally reach a very human level.

#Width: your ability in seeing the diversity of things. The width of your knowledge, the width of the world you see, is the width of your life.

#Density: how delicate and rich you feel about things when you taste wine, music, poetry, sunshine, art, romance…

How much will your total #attractiveness increase by 50% in each dimension? 1.5*1.5*1.5*1.5=5.0625 times! What a surprise!

Attractively accumulate #energy in different dimensions, make your life “rich”!

Good morning, my friends!❤️💧🌷☕

200411 #authenticity#perspective#uplifting


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