More Haste Less Speed🧘

A monk asked the Zen master: “Master, how long can I be enlightened?”
“Ten Years.”
“Ten years? If I practice harder, how long will it take?”
“Twenty years.”
“If I stay up all day and night just to practice and meditate, how long will it take?”
“You will never be enlightened.”
“You only care about the result, how can you have time to focus on yourself?

What does this indicate? When you pay too much attention to the results, the pace of walking will be chaotic.

There are so many beautiful things in the world, we always hope that as many things as we have, push ourselves harder and harder. Seeking this, losing that, human hearts get impetuous and full of resentment.

When we cannot get what we want, when we fear of losing what we have, we annoy ourselves while life flows away between possessions and losses.

In fact, many of the pressures in life are the hurdles we find for ourselves; many pains in life are because we don’t let ourselves off.

When we let go of unnecessary comparisons and desires in our heart, let our body and mind slow down, and taste life carefully, we will find that we are the same as before, happy, without lack of dreams.

Slow down, stay calm and focus on our dream.

Good morning!🌞🌙✨💧🌺☕


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