Serving Spirits of Water💧💧💧

1. #Perseverance:
In the state of ice, it is a hundred times harder to withstand as strong as steel in a harsh environment.

2. #Transparent:
Invisible in the state of gas, it reaches anywhere and connects to everything. When gathering together within a certain range, it becomes infinitely powerful and incomparably dynamic.

3. #Inclusive:
Water accepts and purifies everything, no matter how dirty, with its open heart and no regrets; then slowly purifies itself.

4. #Soft:
Water seems weak: flowing down from high, showing unlimited patience, walking around when encountering obstacles. But nothing can cut it apart.

5. #Adaptable:
Water serves in any frame the world requires. It turns into cloud and mist, into rain and dew; flows from high to low into see, or flies high above the cloud.

6. #Kind and #compassionate:
Water has a kind heart. It never participates in a war but benefits everything not asking for return.

7. #Regressive:
On nature’s call, it turns into tangible water, or scatters into the air without a trace, drifting in the sky and earth.

Finally, water is the strongest attribute in the Five Elements: it can extinguish Fire, erode Wood, rot Gold, and cause Soil loss.

#Kindhearted people are like water.❤️❤️❤️


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