Human Palms Bring Warmth and Mysteries

When children feel afraid, parents hold them hands in hands. When the #warmth of the palms passes over, the fear would dissipate.

When our stomach aches, putting warm palm on belly and gently massage, the pain will be relieved.

When patients with rheumatism feel pain in knees, they like to sit down and cover their knees with warm palms. Through this simple action, they feel better.

After long-distance hiking, we prefer to sit down to rest, and naturally cover knees with our hands. The tired knee joints will get energy back in a while.

People with headaches prefer to cover the area of the headache with their palms…

The elders tell us:
The temperature of the palm is neither too high nor too low. It is warm and peaceful, and it provides not only warmth but also invisible meridian energies. When the affected body part receives the supplement of these energies, it will be repaired naturally.

My secrets and #magic:
1. When kids get a fever, massage their little palms one by one, focusing on the central, till it sweats!
2. When kids get angry, sad, or depressed, massage the little palm, focusing on the meridian part related to #human#heart per this picture!
3. …😜

Good morning, my friends!❤️✋👍🌷☕


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