What We Give, What We Receive

Physicists have studied for 300 years to find out the nature of matter. They discover:

The airplane was created AFTER the idea of an airplane. Burning a cube of sugar only produces fire, heat, oily carbon blocks. But eat it, it can create a thought that turns the energy from sugar into Van Gogh’s famous painting, Taipei 101 building.


Each of our thoughts is loaded with incredible #energy! It can create disease and cure it; create good and evil, beauty and ugliness, success and failure, wealth and poverty, heaven and hell.

Thought has energy. Language is a sound thought.

The language of positive or negative energy sends out vibrations to attract events on the same channel/frequency. Words spoken in anger and resentment have a very strong energy vibration, and their results are often unexpected.

Each of us is a magician of using words to curse or help others. Every spell we cast will eventually return to us because we are the center of the entire vibration.

Every thought is like a seed. Inside it, we can’t see the big tree, but as long as we plant the seed, water and irrigate, it will naturally attract what it needs to come around and grow strong.

Be #kind in everything we think and say. What we give, what we receive.🌹❤️


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