Lao Tzu(老子, Lao Zi), the Oldest Environmentalist

Living 2500+ years ago, Lao Zi was a super pioneer environmentalist! His environmental protection thoughts in “Dao De Jing” are remarkable.

Lao Zi believed that human beings and nature are in equivalent exchange relations. When humans destroy nature endlessly, nature will also retaliate. All natural and man-made disasters are the transmissions of the laws of the universe.

Lao Zi regarded Dao as the supremacy of the world and believes that Dao does not favor any child. It neither suppresses people’s normal needs nor indulges in people’s endless desires.

Therefore, people must act in accordance with nature; no one is qualified to determine the fate of the earth, in order to avoid hurting each other between humans and nature.

2020 is an extraordinary year. All kinds of shocking disasters are nothing more than a great test for mankind.

Is this gorgeous blue diamond mother earth as beautiful as before? Paradise, Wonderland, Heavens… Fortunately, there always are people who wake up and force their voices!

Drive less private cars, use more public transportation, travel green;
Use eco-friendly bags, no plastic bags when shopping;
One less online shopping;
One less takeaway;

Morning! Be kind.❤️🌈☕


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