Confucius said…💡

Life has three different levels.

1st level – make a living. It is similar to how animals make their livings. Spiders are textile majors; mice are tunnel majors… but we never doubt their abilities without a certificate. If simply obtaining a certificate or skill to live for survival, it is no different from animals; at most, call it a senior animal that uses tools and speaks.

2nd level – wit. It distinguishes people from animals. It means that in addition to the basic survival needs of eating, dressing… humans should pursue intellectual enhancement and knowledge advancement, in contributing to the material & technology development of the world.

What is the highest level of human pursuit?

Above the level of knowledge, there is another level called VALUE. It refers to spiritual qualities:

1) Distinguish between good & evil, right & wrong, beauty & ugliness
2) Understand to do the right thing kindly, avoid doing bad things
3) Ensure knowledge & intelligence be used in the right place
4) Understand life & nature, do not threaten the survival of others and bring disaster.

Confucius said “君子不器”. It means: a person must be able to not only solve his own problems but also
work for good against evil, right against wrong in public affairs.❤️❤️❤️☕

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