Why Gastric Ulcer? πŸ’œ

An experiment: hanging a monkey & stimulating it to keep it in constant anxiety, soon it has a gastric ulcer. X-ray, electroencephalography, and biochemistry were used to study the cause and found that the occurrence of gastric disease is closely related to the overexcitation of the cerebral cortex and autonomic dysfunction.

Why human gets a gastric ulcer? Because of no fresh blood in the stomach! And fresh blood is the best β€œcure” containing antibodies, phagocytic cells, nutrition.

Why no fresh blood in the stomach? “The Emperor’s Yellow Canon” says: anger hurts the liver. If a person is constantly angry and complaining, the liver slowly accumulates turbid gas. As the liver and gallbladder are connected, the turbid gas will be transmitted to the gallbladder, then to the stomach.

With more turbid gas in the stomach, normal quick and smooth blood flow is blocked. As a result, the stomach is infected with bacteria and viruses.

John A. Schindler’s book “How to Live 365 Days a Year” summed up a rule based on his decades of medical experience, saying that nearly 80% of human diseases are caused by psychological factors, only 20% are caused by external factors such as bacterial infections.

Take care of your #heart, stay healthy!πŸŒ·πŸ’§πŸŒˆ



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