Yin and Yang☯︎

As the essence of ancient Chinese culture, the Yin Yang theory covers all aspects of the universe.

It explains: Why do we have four seasons? The conversion of Yin Yang between the universe and earth. Why do we get sick? The unbalance between Yin Yang.

Yin and Yang are two opposite sides of the same thing: up & down, warm & cold, dynamic & static, light & dark…

Observe them by eyes: Anything that is upward, sporty, warm, and positive belongs to Yang. Conversely, down, static, cold, and negative belong to Yin.

The largest representative of Yin Yang: Heaven and Earth.

Modern philosophy tells us that things are relative, not absolute. Although the sky(heaven) is Yang, divided by how the sky presents to humans through the day, it is Yang during daytime and Yin at nighttime. Although it is Yang during the daytime, it can be further divided into Yang in the morning and Yin in the afternoon.

Yin & Yang can be divided indefinitely. Eventually, it reaches the atomic level.

An atom is very small. Inside it, the nucleus is Yin due to its static, and the electrons surrounding the core are Yang due to the movements.

Can atoms be divided again into smaller Yin Yang? YES… (To be continued.)

Morning, friends. 🌺🍃🌞🌙🧘☯︎



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