Qi is invisible and untouchable ENERGY that runs through the whole universe.

The ancient Chinese culture was focused on the change of this energy.

Chinese medicine is cosmic medicine; Qi is a kind of cosmic energy. This energy produces everything. Where there is life or no life, it exists.

The Buddha said: when the 5 elements of Qi: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Soil come together under certain conditions, a life is born. Without Qi supporting human, life is over.

Qi is not only reflected in breathe but in all things. Its energy is immensely large. Imagine how heavy the heaviest thing around us is, Qi can move it.

Mountain is very heavy. Qi can definitely move it, because the mountain is no heavier than the earth.

The ancients said: the atmosphere lifted the earth – the earth is nothing more than a table tennis ball floating in the sky. Universe Qi can hold up the earth, so can it the mountains.

Wherever Qi goes, it controls everything. Without Qi, there is no agriculture, no medicine … no life.

How does this energy manifest life? Parents give birth, energy gives life. It is Qi that continuously supplies life. A person is constantly absorbing energy of Qi and growing. It is the same for human, plants, and animals.

Mind the quality of your Qi.😊🌞❤️


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