Stories: Let Go…Empty…

A grandpa said to his grandchild: “Tighten your fist, tell me how it feels?”
The child clenched his fists: “Some tired!”
Grandpa: “Try to work harder!”
Child: “More tired! It is holding back my breath!”
Grandpa: “Then let it go!”
The child breathed out: “OH! It’s much easier!”
Grandpa: “When you feel tired, the tighter you get, the more tired you are. If you let it go, you will be relieved a lot! And you will be refilled with energy…”

Nanyin was a Zen master in the Meiji era of Japan. One day, a university professor came to learn Zen, and he treated the professor with tea.

He poured tea into the guest’s cup until the cup was full, and did not stop pouring in.

The professor stared at the tea overflowing out of the cup until he could no longer be silent, and finally said: “It has overflowed, master. Please don’t pour it anymore!”

“You are like this cup,” NanYin replied, “It’s filled with your own opinions and ideas. If you don’t want to empty your own cup first, how can I tell you Zen?”

Good morning, my friends!🍃🌸🍃🌸💧


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