Story: A Ray of Moonlight🌙

A Zen master practicing in the mountains, on a moonlit night, when he returned to his hut back through the forest road, he encountered a thief who was stealing in the hut.

In order not to disturb the thief, he stood at the door and waited patiently…

The thief couldn’t find anything valuable, and when he turned away, he met the Zen master and fell into panic…

The Zen master said, “You come to visit me from a distance. I cannot let you go back empty-handed!” Then, he took off his coat and said, “it’s cold at night, bring this with you.”

Then the Zen master put the clothes on the thief. The thief didn’t know what to say and slipped away with his head down.

The master looked at the thief’s back: “Poor man, I hope I can send you the light of the moon!”

The next morning with the warm sunlight shining on the hut, the Zen master opened the door: the coat draped on the thief was neatly stacked outside the door.

The Zen Master smiled and murmured, “I finally gave him a ray of moonlight…”

Everyone deserves a chance. Be kind and show love.

Good Sunday morning, my friends!🌷🌱🌱


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