Eyes, Window of Human Soul and Spirits👀

Eyes reflect human spirits, they are the window of the human soul, and they are the expression of the human mind. The essence of the body’s internal organs is expressed through the eyes.

Closing eyes and meditate is a simple and easy way for our ancestors to cultivate their spirits. Chinese Medicine believes that the human spirit guides human life activities, mind, and thoughts, and is vital to mental and physical health. “Yellow Emperor’s Canon” said: “People with spirits have prosperous vitality. Direct eye contact indicates confidence and knowledge.

When daily affair troubles, headache rises, sit down in a quiet place, close eyes, slowly inhale, slower exhale, focus attention on where the breath goes.

After a short while, the mind is as calm as static water; troubles gradually disappear; the body enters a quiet and peaceful state; the Yin & Yang Qi and Blood flow smoothly.

Closing eyes to meditate closes human energy’s exposure to the outside world. It maintains psychological balance and emotional pleasure and purifies human spirits.

Protect your eyes, protect your heart and thoughts.

Good morning, my friends.🌸🌺🌻🌼🌹🌷🍃



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