Yoga Posture vs. the Pyramid Energy🧘

Hatha Yoga’s practitioners think that Siddhasana, the perfect sitting position, is the most important posture among all postures.

According to the philosophy of yoga, there are 72,000 meridians (Sanskrit nadi, meaning meridians and channels) in the body, and the Qi of life (Sanskrit Prana) circulates in these meridians. This posture helps clear meridians and make them unobstructed.

With the whole body shaped like a Pyramid, we set our body as a static energy collector that gathers cosmic energy: “block” mouth and ears, “close” eyes and nose, focus all attention on slow breath, inhale to absorb energy slowly down to the belly, exhale to let go the turbits.

“Breathe to the umbilicus, live to the #longevity.” By locking Qi & Blood in the pelvic area, it flourishes our digestive, circulatory and reproductive systems, and strengthen our legs.

What if we keep in this posture when we read, write, …work on computers? That can be hours a day, with free access to meditation at any time, the most peaceful time of our #consciousness.

Good Sunday morning, my friends!🌞✨🧘🎵🌸🍃☕


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