Story: Why People Suffer?

The disciple asked the Buddha: You are both supernatural and compassionate, why you cannot end people’s suffer?

Buddha said: Although I have the greatest supernatural power in the universe, there are still four things that I cannot do:

1️⃣, self-cause and self-effect cannot be replaced by others; what seed you plant, what fruit you harvest;

2️⃣, wisdom cannot be given. Anyone who wants to develop wisdom cannot do without honing the process with own discipline;

3️⃣, the truth of the universe cannot be understood in words, but can only be proved by one’s own practice;

4️⃣, the person who does not share the intention and fate, he can’t listen to you.

As the saying goes, although the rain is heavy, the grass without roots is rootless. The Tao is boundless, those who does not put their heart with it is to be missed.

Those who love are loved, and those who bless are blessed.

Nobody can change us except ourselves. Change starts from the heart. Change has to come from inside.

Good morning, my friends. ❤️🦋🌈🙏


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