Story: the Simplest Truth💡💡💡

A traveler asked the old master: “What do you do before you understand the Dao of the universe?”

Master: “Chop wood, carry water, and cook.”

Traveler: “What about after getting the Dao?”

Master: “Chop wood, carry water, and cook.”

Traveler: “What does it mean to understand and practice the Dao?”

Master: “Before getting the Dao, I was worried about carrying water when cutting wood and worried about cooking when carrying water. After gaining the Dao, chopping wood means chopping wood, carrying water means carrying water, and cooking means cooking. “

What can we get from this story? Many of the highest and deepest truths in life are often contained in some extremely simple ideas. The real wisdom is actually to perceive the nature and interrelationships of things.

Simplicity is truth, simplicity is cleverness, and simplicity is the power of accumulation. Simplicity is a complex of advanced forms; the more advanced the simpler the things.

The ultimate simplicity is great wisdom.

In society, community, business, and daily life, Dao is everywhere. Pure hearts manifest ultimate simplicity. ❤️

Good Morning.

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