True Kindness is Empathy💡

A story in the book “Genius or Psychotic”:

A mental patient, wearing a black raincoat, and holding a colorful umbrella, squatted in the dark corner of the yard every day. Many psychiatrists came to see him and felt him helpless.

One day a psychiatrist came. He started to do exactly the same to hold an umbrella and squatted silently beside the patient in the dark corner, every day.

After a week, the patient finally took the initiative to ask: “Are you also a mushroom?” The doctor nodded and continued squatting, after a while, the doctor stood up and walked around.

The patient puzzled: “Aren’t you a mushroom? How can you move?”

The doctor: “Of course the mushroom can move. It can eat too”, then he picked up the hamburger on the side and started eating.

The patient felt that it made sense, so he followed the doctor and began to eat. After a few weeks, the patient can live like a normal person.

Learning to empathize can make kindness more considerate. Kindness does not need to be loud or formulated so that everyone in the world knows it. True kindness, mostly silent, is a glorious #humanity revealed from the inside out, a quiet and silent force.

True #kindness touches hearts.

Good morning, my friends! 🌞🌺🍃💧❤️☕


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