What You Give to Others is Actually For Yourself💝

In the law of the universe: giving is all good karma.

No matter what you do to others, as the center of a vibration, the person who really receives it is YOU. In the same way, when you give or pay for others, the one who really benefits is YOU.

No matter whom you hurt, in the long run, you hurt yourself. Maybe you are not aware of it now, but it will definitely come back to you, or your posterity. What you do to others is eventually to yourself.

When you want to make a sincere friend, you must first be sincere to your friend, and then you will find that your friend starts to be sincere to you; when you start to bring happiness to others, soon you will find yourself surrounded by happiness.

How you treat the world is a very good #reflection of yourself. Don’t think too much about merits and demerits, use the most genuine #compassion to treat your friends, and treat each of your moments. Talk to your pure heart, you will naturally get the most transparent #peace and #fortune.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to do more good for others.

Morning, my friends!🥰🙏🌻🍵



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