Anorexia and Hunger🍚🥢

Anorexia and hunger are a denial of one’s own life, a form of self-loathing.

Food provides us with the most basic nutrition and #energy. Why do you refuse to feed yourself? What happened in your life that you hate so much and want to get rid of it? Are you growing up in a family full of criticism and blame? In your early education process, have you been imbued with your “not good enough” thinking?

All these make us feel that our appearance is not cute & unacceptable. “Hate yourself” is rooted in the thoughts. How to change it?

In the competing world, women sometimes were driven into “I am not good enough, what value do I have”. Lacking positive self-care and self-improvement, they focus their self-hate on their bodies. They hope: “If I am thinner a little bit, they will love me.”

Unfortunately, it does not work. Instead, the imbalance in their body causes a lack of ability to recognize hunger and satiety. This is a major cause of anorexia from eastern medical point of view.

To gain a balanced #healthy life, the learning of self-approval and self-acceptance is the key. Open heart to notice the good on others. When It happens, you are shaping into a big appreciation of yourself.

Stay wise! Stay strong! You are the best!

Morning, my friends.🌞🌷🍃💧☕

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