A Heart Medicine❤️

Chinese medicine has unique, fun & interesting emotional therapies for some difficult diseases. Their magical effects contain rich truths and #wisdom.

Some thousand years old anecdotes have a sense of “Joy, anger, sorrow & happiness are all medicines”.

It is said that King Qi Min of the Warring States period suffered from depression. He invited a famous doctor WenZhi to treat his illness.

After a detailed diagnosis, Wen told the prince: “King Qi’s disease can only be treated with irritating methods. If I irritated him, he would definitely kill me.”

The prince pleaded and promised to guarantee Wen’s safety as far as his father’s illness can be cured. Wen agreed and made treatment appointments with King Qi.

But the 1st appointment, he did not come; then neither the 2nd, the 3rd. Wen missed all the appointments.

King Qi was very angry after the 3 missing appointments in a row.

A few days later, Wen suddenly came, without asking for permits, he went directly to the King’s bed and asked for symptoms, and deliberately irritated King Qi with rude languages.

King Qi couldn’t bear it any longer; he stood up and scolded Wen. It was through cursing out this accumulated huge “anger”, his depression was gone!

Heart medicine cures heart disease.❤️🌈🌈🌈☕


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