What Does It Look Like to Magnify a Cell 1 Billion Times?👀

In the laboratory, using a microscope, scientists magnified cells by 1 billion times. A complete universe appeared in front of their eyes. It was almost the same as the basic structure of the macro universe we live in. Is this a coincidence?

Some scientists believe: the universe itself is a huge cell. It belongs to a living “body”. Every one of us, including everything in the world, lives in this huge cell, following its rules, going through a process of birth and death, similar to how our body cells live to our life.

For us, the universe is boundless, but for the living body in which the universe is located, it is just a microcosm.

What if we compare the universe to a living body? Will we find that the universe is like a human cell? It has a complete set of operating systems, such as the Earth, the solar system, and even the Milky Way galaxy. All operations are very regular.

BUT, if we want to break this rule, will it cause the universe to start a self-protection system and enter the “big cleaning” mode – like a self immune system working against diseases and illnesses, trying to clean bacteria and viruses in a human body?

Love our #motherearth. Keep it in the #harmoniousness with humankind and the universe.❤️🌐☕


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