Story: How Much Life is For Angry?

A woman who was often angry about trivial things went to a master for advice. After listening to her narration, the master led her to a Zen room and left.

She was so angry being left alone and began to yell. The master came back after she was finally silent, “Are you still angry?”

“I’m only angry at myself. How silly I am to come to this place to ask for isolation!”

“How can someone become calm who refuses to forgive herself!” The master walked away.

After a while, he came back, “Are you still angry?”
“I’m not angry anymore.”
“It is obvious that angry can’t get you to teach me.” The master left.

When the master came for the 3rd time, she told him: “I am not angry now. I don’t want to waste my time here.” The master smiled and said: “There is still a root of angry in your heart.”

When the master came the 4th time, she asked, “Master, what is angry?”

The master poured the tea in his hand to the ground… She looked at it for a while, suddenly realized something; and then left with thanks.

Our life is like the cup of tea in the master’s hands, it might instantly merge into the soil with no trace. Life is short and precious. Does it worth our precious life to consume our precious energy in getting angry?🌹🍃☕


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