7-9 Am: Golden Time For Stomach Health🥛🍞

Every 7-9 am, the stomach meridian is on duty. With active Qi & Blood flowing through, it gives a good time to nourish the stomach. The best thing we should do is to eat a good breakfast on time.

In real life, between 7-9 am, it is a busy time for people to rush to school and work. It is easy to neglect breakfast.

In CCM’s point of view, human’s gastrointestinal activity is the strongest during 7-9 am, and the support of food will make this gastrointestinal meridian compensated for Qi & Blood.

On another hand, this is the time the sun rises, when the Yang Qi between heaven and earth occupies a dominant position, as well as in the human body. Eating breakfast during 7-9 am makes it easiest to digest and absorb.

TCM also believes that “the stomach likes #warmth, dislikes cold” and the roles of the stomach are 1. Grind food; 2. Initial digestion.

#Imagine before performing the two basic functions the stomach needs to warm food first, how large an amount of Qi & Blood is consumed while lowering digestive function?

Therefore, it is recommended by CCM to eat fewer fruits and raw sala for breakfast, avoid icy drinks, and eat more protein-rich cooked foods, grains, eggs, noddles, milk…

#Healthy morning, friends!🌷🍃💧☕



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