How Big Our Hearts Are? ❤️

One master has a disciple who complains a lot. One day, the master put some salt into a glass of water and let the disciples drink. The disciple frowned slightly and said: It is too salty.

The master then sprinkled the same amount of salt into a lake and asked his disciples to taste the lake water. The disciples sighed after drinking: pure and sweet.

Master said: ”The pain in life is like the salt, of a constant amount, not much, not less. Its saltiness depends on the size of the container that holds it, and the pain we feel also depends on how big our hearts are.“

For people who always complain, from a special point of view, maybe it is not completely that the world is too bad, but they are too narrow-minded. As a result, they are getting tired and their lives are getting misfortuned.

As Mr. Nan Huaijin said, “You can’t be narrow-minded. The bigger heart you have, the more you are blessed.”

Throughout the ages, #forgiveness and #tolerance have always been great wisdom for a happy life.

Good morning, my friends!💧💧💧☕


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