To be the PM or a Doctor⁉️

When Mr. Fan Zhongyan (Oct 1, 989 - Jun 19, 1052) was young, he once asked a fortune teller. “Sir, do you think I can be the prime minister?”

The fortune teller was shocked, as through his whole fortune-telling life, he had never encountered a young man with this ambition.

Did not get an answer, Fan was silent for a while and then asked, “If I can’t be the prime minister, can you see if I can be a good doctor?”

“There is a big gap between them, young man. Why should you choose to be a doctor if not a prime minister?”

“If I can be the prime minister, I will benefit the world. If I can’t be the prime minister, I want to be a good doctor to relieve the suffering of the world’s diseases.”

The fortune-teller said: “Young man, you can be the prime minister. You have the greatest big heart in the world, who else can be the prime minister if you are not?”

Fan Zhongyan later became not only a prime minister, a politician, a writer, a great military strategist but also one of the most glorious prime ministers in China’s history, with his noble character passed down for a thousand years.



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