Which Angry Person Are You?

Watering too much kills flowers; eating too much kills fish; suffering too much angry kills people. How angry impact your longevity?

1️⃣ People who frequently looking for angry, like Lin Daiyu in “Dream of the Red Chamber”, generally live 20-50 years old;

2️⃣ People who easily get angry because of others generally live 50-60 years old;

3️⃣ People who are often angry with themselves and also make others angry, like most ordinary people, generally live 60-70 years old;

4️⃣ People who often make others angry, but they themselves not easy to get angry, generally live around 80 years old;

5️⃣ No matter how angry others are, you can treat it unaffectedly. They are called masters and generally live around 90 years old;

6️⃣ People who never be angry with others, and make people around to fell happy, called a noble moral person, and generally live a hundred years or more!

Diseases are born of anger! To live longer, less angry! Use love and Kindness to fill up your life, angry will have to take the back seat.


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